Mystic Industries
Everett, WA

RPI Electrical Engineer specializing in embedded systems firmware, software, and hardware design, with 3 decades of industry experience on a wide variety of platforms, working with everything from huge corporations to startups.


  • Embedded Systems Firmware Development/Debug (C/C++, asm)
  • Embedded Linux+Android kernel/driver/BSP development
  • Yocto based custom embedded Linux distro/kernel/BSP
  • Cross-platform app development (Qt, wxWidgets, C/C++/C#/Python)
  • Hardware Design/Bringup/Debug
  • Prototype Assembly/Rework (including microscope work)
  • FPGA/VHDL Design
  • PCB Layout
  • Reverse engineering with IDA Pro, OllyDbg, and other hw+sw tools

Mystic Industries provides computers, office space, hardware lab (logic analyzer, oscilloscope, solder rework, microscope, etc), source control server, and/or some development software.

Email us and let's talk about your project